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Moon and space mining


About USN


The company was established as a joint venture of Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. z o. o. and US Nuclear Corp. to implement the boldest business projects related to commercial space exploration. 

Why the Moon and space mining?

The moon is close, only 384,000 kilometers from Earth. The time it takes to transmit the signal from the Moon to Earth is just over 1 second. Many operations can be controlled remotely from Earth. We were there and got to know the environmental conditions. Soon man will return to the moon (Artemis program). The low gravity of the Moon (1/6 Earth) facilitates transport operations, but it is sufficient for the operation of devices based on Earth mining machines.

On the moon, you can find rare earth metals and platinum metals necessary for the development of modern technologies, and the earth’s resources are depleted. Maintaining the blunt development of hydrogen electromobility may cause a deficit of platinum, which is used to build hydrogen fuel cells, around 2030. The solution is to mine its deposits on the moon. There is also the Helium-3 isotope on the Moon, which can change the face of energy, giving humanity a source of cheap, clean and ecological energy.

Building the Cis-Lunar value chain will enable saving the Earth’s climate, ecological sourcing of raw materials and energy, and will contribute to the well-being of all mankind. This is possible thanks to the advances in rocket technology and the reduction of the cost of launching payloads into space.

We invite business, technology partners and investors to common build it.

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